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Crash Course 101 & 102 Summer Sessions!

Summer school is in session... We are thrilled to announce the dates for our summer sessions for Crash Course 101 & 102!

After our inaugural, sold-out(!) Crash Course 101 session earlier this Spring, we've been working hard to make appropriate adjustments to the class structure. Crash Course 101

In these first 3 weeks, we will go over the top-line basics of an Art Department. Starting off with the basics like- responsibilities of the Art Department, Union vs Non-Union, and production terms & etiquette.

From there, the next two weeks will dive a bit more into the details. We'll discuss all the different roles in the Art Department, era/genre styles, working with prop houses and other vendors, etc. By the end of Crash Course 101, you will walk away knowing the introductions of what an Art Department does and how to find your spot within it.

Crash Course 102

In the 102 session, we will take a deeper dive into some import topics like: "What's the difference between working in Film/TV & Themed Entertainment?", "I booked my first gig! Now what do I do?!", or "What kind of supplies should I have in my kit?" During these 3 weeks, we'll go over all these questions and much more. By the end of Crash Course 102, you'll be prepared & confident walking onto set.

During these sessions, enrolled students will work at their own pace each week with associated lessons & assignments. With our online lessons, you can choose your own pace and go through everything in one day, or spread it out throughout the week. Our platform is designed with your personal schedule in mind! Then, every Saturday, a live Zoom session will be held as a class touch-base to review that week's lessons and assignments. This is our designated time for face-to-face interaction and to clarify any questions you may have!

With the combination of our online platform & live Zoom sessions, you'll be submerged in a wealth of knowledge and learning over the entirety of the course, taught by two working industry professionals. And we are always here to help! Q&A discussion boards are made available for students to ask questions at any day & time.

Registration for both Crash Course 101 & 102 opens this Friday, May 21st! Space for both sessions is limited and registration will close once we hit capacity. *You can also save 30% when you bundle & register for both courses at once! For more information on pricing and course details, log onto our website: ----------------------------------------------------------- Crash Course 101: June 7th- June 26th Crash Course 102: July 5th- July 24th

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